Travel . 04/07/2014

Travel journal Joolz Birth Forest, Colombia

Hi, I’m Juliana.
I work at the Joolz Product Development department since 2012; here I have the privilege of being trained by a great team of designers and engineers. I am delighted to build together with the Joolz team the vision of Positive Design that is so engaging and makes our work meaningful and rewarding on all counts.
The Joolz Birth Forest is one of our very best initiatives contributing to the planet, but is also giving some boost to the country I come from, Colombia! I was the lucky one to be picked out to visit the Joolz Birth Forest and plant the very first tree in Vichada, Colombia.

I am proud and thrilled to share my travel journal with you. Follow me during my trip the coming days!


My trip to the Joolz Birth Forest in Colombia is finally starting tomorrow!

In preparation, I had to go get a vaccination against yellow fever before the adventure begins. It’s a long way to go: From Amsterdam to > Frankfurt > Bogota > and final destination Puerto Carreno.

Looking forward to the first day, will share pictures tomorrow!

post 2 voorbereiding

Day 1- Today I’ll meet the Dombro’s. They come from Canada and have set up the plantation that I’m going to visit. It was very nice to meet them after this long trip. Together we drove by car to the plantation, it was very dark and on the way we met a couple, their vehicle was out of gas and they had to walk for hours before they would arrive at the gas station. So we provided them some gasoline, so they could continue again. Finally we arrived at our destination, tomorrow we will visit the forest.

post 3

Day 2 – This morning I woke up with the birds singing. I opened my curtains and saw a super beautiful plantation. I started the day with a fresh traditional breakfast which was homemade. We went to the pineapple forest. Along the way we saw a saladillo tree which Dexter asked me to hug! I had a swim in a beautiful lake to cool off. But I couldn’t really swim calmly, because I kept wondering, will there be something scary in the lake?

Tomorrow more!

post 4

Day 3 – Dexter explained me today how the plantation actually looks like. It’s a rocky terrain and lots of things must happen in order to grow trees. He showed me how this eco-friendly process works.
We continued enjoying the environment, we went to the beach and I even did my yoga exercises. It was a beautiful day and we will plant the first tree tomorrow.

Excited! Talk to you tomorrow.

post 5

Day 4 – Today I planted the first Joolz tree in the Birth Forest! A very special moment. Joolz hopes to plant many trees in the forest and to make a contribution to the planet at this beautiful spot. I’m very grateful for being here. At the end of the day we saw pretty Jamaican flower fields with beautiful colors and enjoyed the sunset with a Colombian Polar beer and some cashew nuts!

Tomorrow is already my last day..

post 6

Day5 – I had to say goodbye after a great week with Dexter and his wife as I’m going back to Amsterdam today. On the pictures you see the Joolz Birth Forest, the owner of the plantation Dexter and some curious local children. It was a great experience, I’ve seen a lot and met a lot of lovely people.

Once I’m back I will make a summary in a short movie, so stay tuned.

For all the Joolz babies we plant trees in our Joolz Birth Forest.

Your tree will be planted when you have registered your Joolz on the website. You will receive a personalised certificate!

From that moment, this little tree will grow, just like your baby.

Read more about the Birth Forest and register your Joolz here.