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Joolz Geo² Gentle blue

Meet the always smiling Product Marketing Manager Floor. Within the Joolz organisation Floor is in charge of Joolz’s product launches: from product development to marketing. When it comes to her personal life she just returned from maternity leave. With her 5 month old daughter Lotte and her two and a half year old son Pieter, she and her husband Martin live in a small village near Amsterdam. “The perfect combination of the outdoor but still close to the vibrant city life,” she explains brightly. But how does she manage to get a happy work-life balance? What products light up her life? And what challenges does she face now her family has expanded with a second baby?

“Well, answering the last question: a life with two little ones is fantastically hectic,” Floor says laughing. “With a second child it sometimes feels like running a business. But an amazing one. The instant bond between the two children is amazing to see and it really feels like a family now which is a very rich feeling. Obviously me-time was already scarce, but has become even more scarce as it’s often all about the kids now. My tip to other mothers is to embrace it! Spend it with them. Join their wonderful and honest world, but don’t forget to take good care of yourself. For me this means that I reserve time for doing outdoor sports like running along the canal. These weekly runs clear my mind and give me the energy to be present in the moment.”

In the last few months, Floor has worked diligently on the development and launch of the Joolz Geo² in the new Gentle blue colour*. “I am so excited about this new look, from the moment on we started with the design process. Joolz is all about refined design and with this new look we wanted to raise the bar and highlight our crafted details and new premium materials. On our pushchairs we use leatherette handle bars for many years now. Nowadays you see it everywhere and we were looking for something unique. We are always searching for inspirational materials; looking to furniture design, sport gear and fashion, inspiration can be found literally everywhere.” Surprisingly enough for the new Gentle Blue look* the inspiration came from a very premium bicycle saddle. Floor explains: “It’s a material with a comfortable feel, natural and warm to see and easy to clean at the same time.”

“To me the Gentle Blue colour* has become a true eye-catcher. This rich fabric and the leatherette details – it’s sophisticated, edgy and sleek art the same time”

“What I love about my job, is that I play an indirect role in a really specific phase of people’s lives. It’s often a very happy and positive time becoming parents, but it also brings challenges. I love that I can contribute with products that actually make the ride smoother. My favourite product is the Joolz Geo². It really is my best companion. I have happily used it for two years now, since the birth of my son Pieter. I cherish the large shopping basket (you only realize how convenient this is when you actually have a child) and the super easy folding in 1 second. Then with the birth of my daughter Lotte we converted our Geo² to a duo pushchair. Both of our kids feel comfortable in both the cot and seat and Martin and I are still very manoeuvrable so we can go wherever we want to go.”



If you ask Floor, the comfort cover is her must have accessory. “It really is one of my favourites as it not only protects from sun and wind but it also creates a cosy space where my daughter Lotte can rest comfortably. I would recommend it to this blog’s readers too!” Floor says.

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