My Joolz bumper bar

Make your Joolz bumper bar unique with an engraved text

23/01/2019 · 2 minutes

My Joolz bumper bar pink and blue with Joolz Essentials blanket. Best day ever

It’s fun dressing your baby in cute colours. Why not your pushchair too? Whether you already own a Joolz pushchair or would like to have one custom-made, it is possible to have an additional bumper bar engraved with a personal text.

The customized option means that you can really have a unique pushchair for your little one. There is also a variety of cool colour accents to choose from, such as the sweet angel blue or a deep tango orange. No matter which colour you would like to have, select one that fits your personal style!

My Joolz is available for our latest Joolz Geo and Joolz Day pushchair models, so that you and your child can stroll in style. We haven’t forgotten those who were with us from the beginning. My Joolz is also available for the older Geo and Day models!

Become a part of our Joolz Experience

Do you have a “My Joolz” colour accent in mind? Perhaps you are thinking of using that adorable nickname, like munchkin or some other name that they would be embarrassed about in 10 years time. Maybe you prefer to keep it simple, with your baby’s first name or only use their first and last initials. However you decide to mix and match, make it great, and be a part of our Joolz Experience by using @myjoolz or #myjoolz. Our Instagram Joolz users have already been sharing some of their cool combinations with us.

Aurora My Joolz customise bumper bar pink

Instagram 📷: demelzaenaurora

Pietro My Joolz customise bumper bar blue

Instagram 📷: affaridipapa

Kate Lily My Joolz pink bumper bar with Joolz Essentials blanket

Instagram 📷: sandra__dekker

Luca My Joolz bumper bar brown

Instagram 📷: juliabmeyer