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The Joolz Geo is the ultimate companion for every family adventure.

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Positive design

Joolz Geo: ready for any challenge

The Joolz Geo is the ultimate companion for every family adventure. The modular design offers three different configurations: Mono, Duo and Twin. Either way, the Joolz Geo remains extremely manoeuvrable and easy-to-handle.

The four-wheel suspension makes your ride very comfortable. The pushchair folds up in one smooth motion (even with two seats) and thanks to the transport lock it is very easy to carry around.


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  • Seat
  • Cot

16x Positive Design

All-round, adjustable, practical and modular design. The Joolz Geo provides the best possible ergonomic comfort for you and your little one. Unique features of the Joolz Geo are its expansion options and the XXL basket.

  • Cot
  • Seat
  • Future- and twin-proof
  • Sun hood with air-top
  • High cot and seat
  • Adjustable handle bar
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Super-smooth folding mechanism with transport lock
  • XXL easy-access basket
  • Future- and twin-proof
  • Sun hood with air-top
  • High cot and seat
  • Adjustable handle bar
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Super-smooth folding mechanism with transport lock
  • XXL easy-access basket

Future- and twin-proof

Handy to know that you can easily extend the Joolz Geo if a second baby ever or twins come along.

Wide choice of colours and designs

Choose your own colour or create your own unique pushchair with the Joolz Tailor concept. Go as crazy as you like!

Big cot

The Joolz Geo cot is spacious so your child can lie down comfortably for as long as needed.

Hypo allergenic mattress

We’d all like to sleep on something like that: a roomy cot with a hypoallergenic, breathable mattress.

Sun hood with air-top

To protect your baby against the warm sun, our sun hood offers shade. The air-top ensures your baby gets fresh air and stays in contact with you.

Toy hanger loops

Monkey, Giraffe and Mouse: together with his best friend, your little one discovers the world. Thanks to these smart toy hanger loops, you can suspend them from the sun hood.

High cot and seat

When seated in a restaurant, just pull your little one up to the table. And you'll never have to bend down deep for a cuddle. Your back will thank you.

Three ergonomic seat positions

The seat is reversible. Your little one can look freely into the world, or face you instead. The improved seat provides ultimate lying and sitting comfort.

Ergonomic bumper bar

The bumper bar can be opened with one hand, from both sides—even with a child on your arm. You also use the bumper bar to carry the cot.

Adjustable handle bar

Godmothers and godfathers, grandmas and grandpas, even the babysitter: they can all walk with a straight back and there is enough space for big or small steps.

Easy to manoeuvre

The Joolz Geo can easily be steered with just one hand in small shops, narrow alleys or on the subway.

Four-wheel suspension

This is the four-wheel drive of pushchairs. You can ride it across bumps and forest trails while your child sleeps soundly.

Super-smooth folding mechanism with transport lock

You can see them thinking: how does she do it? In one motion, the Joolz Geo is folded up. The transport lock will hold the chassis together making it very easy to carry it around.

XXL easy-access basket

Shopping, picnicking, or a trip to the playground: the XXL easy-access basket carries it all for you. Popping to the market? Your vegetables will easily fit in.

Compact size

In the elevator, on the subway, or navigating a narrow aisle. With a width of just 60 cm, you are nice and mobile.

Lockable swivel wheels

Strolling down a cobblestone road or a bumpy forest trail? Just lock the swivel wheels and off you go! Incredibly smooth, from market square to forest terrain.

Mono, Duo & Twin

The modular design offers three different configurations. When your family grows, you can easily add a second cot or seat.




Joolz Geo collections

Choose the colour for your Joolz Geo from one of our collections, or create your own unique design with the Joolz Tailor collection. Be creative and express your style!

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  • Brilliant service, excellent and top of the range travel system. We bought the Geo Earth. Even when we had an issue the team and customer service where quick and fast at resolving this. Strongly love this product! Will recommend to others!

    Artemis Cotter — Joolz Geo Earth

  • Loving my Joolz Geo pram. Finding it really lightweight and manoeuvrable! Love the grigio colour too, something abit different to all those you see on the street.

    Annabelle Dewar — Joolz Geo Quadro

  • I brought our pram just over year ago now as we had new born and one year old and we loved it, I do have to take wheels off to fit in my car as only got small car but for double folds flat enough to fit bags in too, but easy to do. My only snag is how easy it marks and frame scratches other than that it's perfect and well thought out. We now use it with footboard and basket.

    Rebecca Buckley — Joolz Geo Earth

  • We chose this pram because it felt sturdy, had easy maneuvering, adaptability as child's grows or for a second child, plus it looks quite stylish. It is big though and makes bus and train journeys difficult.

    Julia Dryden — Joolz Geo Earth

  • Purchased my Joolz Geo in March 2015 just after came into market after a long debate with my husband . Like any other buggies has his ups and downs points, have to say felt in love with the shopping basket rather the actual buggy. After receiving it had to return it twice because I thought parts were missing only to realise that the main seat and carrycot share the same metal frame and it's not that easy to interchange. Another downside is can not be fixed in a rear or forward-facing position unless you take off completely the seat and we all know how frustrating it is if is windy or sunny especially if you had the baby through a Caesarean section this can be a problem when lifting. The adjustable handle height can not be operated with one hand and is quite important (mummy's will know what I'm talking about).It does folds quickly and easily but unfortunately is still very robust quite a nightmare when traveling with plane because Joolz doesn't sell a cover/bag for protection and we all know how easily aluminium and leather can be scratched and damaged. Another positive thing is that can be easily converted in a double stroller but limits the storage space in the same time . I find the shopping basket highly practical fits a lot inside and is quite high positioned if is raining it doesn't get muddy. Rain cover very luxurious looking and quality in the same time but the transparent window could have been bigger for a better view. Foot moof is brilliant , cosy and warm at the same time . The reason I've purchase it also because among other competitors Joolz comes with the essential accessories included in the price .It does indeed turn heads when I'm out but that's it really , so if you want a head-turning buggy over a practical one then go for it .

    Cristina Andrici — Joolz Geo Earth

  • My Joolz looks great and it's great to handle. One thing that wasn't clear before I purchased it was that the main seat and carrycot share the same metal frame and it is quite time consuming to swap over so I cannot have both main seat & carrycot in the car incase my toddler doesn't want to go in the seat I still have to take my baby in the lower carrycot. It's not as versatile as I originally thought. Also the clip for the main seat was broken when delivered and I am still trying to get this replaced.

    Dianne Ferguson — Joolz Geo Studio

  • I've been using my Joolz since my daughter was born in August. I love it, its really manoeuvrable, easy to collapse and to get baby in and out. I think it looks really stylish, even the rain cover looks good. My daughter has been really comfortable in the pram, even when we've used it as a travel cot. We've just changed it into the buggy and she is really cosy in the fleece footmuff. It's easy to get her in and out and the 5-point fastening seems comfortable and secure. It's also really easy to recline the seat when she is sleeping and upright when she is awake. I regularly recommend it to friends.

    Rhonagh — Joolz Geo Earth

  • Absolutely perfect for our needs. The chassis is sturdy and not too heavy, the cot is spacious and comfortable (we use it as a travel cot at the moment) and last but not least, it looks fantastic! We would recommend this to everyone.

    Rob White — Joolz Geo Earth

  • I haven't started using my Joolz yet but it looks and feels amazing and the customer service was brilliant.

    Clare — Joolz Geo Tailor