Joolz nursery bag

Convenient and stylish for your everyday journey

24/10/2018 · 5 minutes

One of our most loved pushchair accessories is a mom’s best friend, one that you will always want by your side through thick and thin. We are talking about our Joolz nursery bag, or according to some moms, our Diaper bag. If you’ve ever needed something convenient and stylish at the same time, it’s our 11 compartment diaper bag, designed to make life easier for parents to get around. We have more to tell you about it and so do our Instagram friends who participated by answering our Joolz Feud game, asking them which Joolz pushchair accessory was their favourite. While many chose the Joolz Footmuff, the majority fell in love with our nursery bag and stated why it was their most prized possession.

Joolz nursery bag grey

What's in it for you... and baby

If you are one to carry your top 5 must-haves in your diaper bag, then you will want one that can satisfy you and your baby’s needs. The small compartments are handy for pacifiers and teething rings, which can eventually get lost in bigger compartments. Best of all, some of the smaller compartments are see-through, which makes it easier to spot them in your desperate time of need. The larger compartments are handy to keep your clean bottles and clothes away from the dirty ones, and how about keeping your baby formula warm or cold? We also have a compartment for those too! By now, you can imagine packing your diapers, fruit snack, pacifier, clean clothes and baby formula. Can you still think of more things you will need?

Baby with black Joolz nursery bag

📷: fannicefashion with Nero Joolz Hub

Of course, we have considered our busy moms and dads who may have those hectic days. While on the go, you may want to stay entertained when your baby is sound asleep. The 9-inch tablet compartment comes in handy for your smaller devices, such as your iPad or that small novel that you can’t wait to read. No need to worry about finding convenient ways to change your baby’s diapers, our matching changing mat is included in the diaper bag and is easy to clean. Our adjustable strap is just as handy for carrying it on the go and if you ever feel the need to take a break, just latch it on to your pushchair and let it do the work for you.

nursery bag blog Black Joolz nursery bag

Being a mom shouldn’t always scream “Let me just get a bag that is functional” and being a dad doesn’t mean that you have to carry around an oversized lady’s purse.

Our Nursery bag helps you to stay organized and in style with our sleek design, and selection of colours which matches the Joolz Geo², Joolz Day³ and the Joolz Hub pushchair collections. 

See how our Insta users are using their nursery bag

Insta moms and dads are hashtagging us all over the world. Whether it is matching with any of our Joolz pushchairs or exploring a new city life, they are making sure to involve us in every push they make. Would you like to become part of our Joolz Experience? Share your photos with @myjoolz or #myjoolz

dad with grey nursery bag

📷: joanaslichtpoesie – with the Tailor silver nursery bag


dad walking with dark grey Joolz nursery bag with ventilation

📷: flexwithtex – with the amazing grey Nursery bag


Kate and the kids with blue Joolz nursery bag

📷: kate.andthegirls with the blue Geo² shade limited edition nursery bag


Stylish black nursery bag

📷: emilyroseross_x with Nero Nursery bag