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Joolz Essentials products

made with the softest organic cotton

Joolz Essentials blanket

from cot to couch

Hugging and singing lullabies: wrap your baby lovingly in your arms in this super soft blanket right from the start.

+ for naps and sleeping through the night: lying together on the couch or in the cot
+ measurements: 75×100 cm


Joolz Essentials nest

form cot to car seat

The Joolz Essentials nest surrounds your baby with comfort. You can use it just as easily in the Joolz pushchair as in a car seat. Sleep tight.

+ easy zip: to fasten the car seat harness through the nest while your baby is sleeping
+ measurements: 80×35 cm


Joolz Essentials swaddle

various ways to use

This swaddle is just as fine for your baby as for you. The little hood means you can wrap your baby up completely: cosy and safe. You can use it for all sorts of things: as a swaddling wrap, a towel, a play blanket or when breastfeeding in a busy café.

+ comfortable hood: embrace your baby from top to toe
+ measurements: 120×120 cm



multipurpose for using

Joolz Essentials sheet

embrace your baby

+ warm feet: cleverly inserted elastic keeps it in position
+ measurements: 70×65 cm


Joolz Essentials fitted sheet

comfort in the cot

+ super powers: absorbs moisture, regulates heat and is baby-soft
+ measurements: 80×35 cm


Joolz fabrics

Let your baby dream happily. Carefree and contented. Because all Joolz Essentials blankets and nests come with a TOG value that represents its insulation quality. It gives you an insight into your tot's thermal regulation, so your little one will keep their head cool in summer and warm in winter.

Each (ambient) temperature requires a different TOG value. Below you'll find an overview that you can use as a guideline. Remember: cooler is better than too hot. And when in doubt: check your baby's neck. If it's clammy, they're probably too warm.

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Choose one of our collections for the Joolz Essentials blanket and the Joolz Essentials nest

A minimalistic design that embraces the natural beauty of your new world wonder – because your little one is the star of the show.

Ribbed collection

An authentic honeycomb pattern has been knitted into the outside layer – because children like bears and bears like honey.

Honeycomb collection

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Essentials blanket

from cot to couch

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Essentials fitted sheet

comfort in the cot

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Essentials nest

from cot to car seat

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Essentials swaddle

various ways to use

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100% organic cotton

A better world begins with ourselves, but together we can accomplish more—that's our motto. Our partnership with Vision Textiles is the perfect example. From cottonseed to washing label seam, together we produce the Joolz Essentials collection, made with the softest organic cotton. And that is something we're proud of. Because the quality is so good it will last a lifetime. With this joint ambition, Joolz and Vision Textiles offer a positive contribution to a new generation.

With the brand Waste2Wear, Vision Textiles converts plastic bottles into eco-friendly fashion. They work to aid the growth and development of children in India and China by offering free school uniforms from international schools. Their sustainable vision for the future has been rewarded with an EESC European Sustainability Award.

Let's grow together

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