Compact pushchair for urban living

Joolz Hub features for a nice Urban stroll

28/01/2019 · 5 minutes

This compact pushchair offers all the features to explore new city adventures. Compact size, large rear wheels and one hand steering! The Joolz Hub is specially designed for the beauty of urban living.

Dad utilizing Joolz Hub features

Why steer with two, when you can easily do it with one hand?! Thanks to the Joolz Hub’s 53cm width and its large rear wheels, you can easily navigate through narrow aisles and sharp alleys. When folded, the Joolz Hub is compact and great for any mode of transportation. We’ve made it easier for you to secure your pushchair with the transportation lock, and by adding a carry strap. That way, you can conveniently carry your folded pushchair. When you are done with your city stroll, the pushchair can easily be stored in even the smallest city apartments.

Joolz Hub folded with carry strap

Joolz Hub folded with carrying strap

The Joolz Hub includes an ergonomic seat and has six reclining positions to help your baby sleep, sit and snooze in comfort. Its XL sun hood has UPF 50+, ensuring that your little one is protected from the sun. The ergonomic seat can be easily exchanged with the Joolz carrycot, Joolz cocoon and the Joolz car seat That way, your baby has the right pushchair from birth. On days when there are longer strolls to get to grandma’s, the car seat is easily switched from your pushchair to your car. That way, the hassle is less for your baby’s road adventure.

Joolz Hub with cocoon

Joolz Hub with cocoon

Joolz Hub with carrycot

Joolz Hub with carrycot

Joolz hub with Joolz car seat

Joolz hub with Joolz car seat

The city is yours. So go out, soak up its beauty and surprise yourself along the way. Jump on the subway, jump off, take the lift and overlook the city buzz from a rooftop terrace. Whether on foot, by subway, bus, taxi or ferry: the Joolz Hub is designed to comfortably cross town with your little one.

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Instagram 📷: @thankfifi with the folded hub

Instagram 📷: bepenalver with the Joolz hub (without cocoon)


Instagram 📷: @domkiszumilas using the Joolz Hub with cocoon