Cardboard ride for 2!

Which ride are you pushing: pushchair or cardboard box?

28/12/2018 · 2 minutes

Can you imagine buying a Joolz Hub, Joolz Day³ or Joolz Geo² pushchair for your child to stroll in, and he prefers the cardboard box? That’s some serious competition! As we know, for some children cardboard boxes can become an endless toy. Imagine the creative ideas that children invent from just a plain brown box. For some, it may be a castle or a pirate ship. When you can contribute towards your child’s creative mind, then the fun is twice as fun.  Insta mom Sarah joined in on the fun by converting our box into a cool Ferrari.


Joolz reusable packaging cardboard box

Do you have a new creation from our next cardboard packaging? Whether it is our Joolz deer head, Joolz snail or your own invention, share it with us on Instagram #Joolzreusablepackaging.