Our Be-Safe car seat protector

Providing extra safety for your baby's road adventure

02/01/2019 · 3 minutes
Be-safe base

Chances are, you may be transporting your baby a lot during the first few months. You will need a car seat protector. One that will provide front, rear, and side impact protection to manage car collisions and minimize injury. The Joolz Be-Safe iZi Modular i-Size base is easy to install in your car and to the Joolz iZi Go™ Modular baby car seat, providing your baby with extra car safety for their road adventure. Whether you are on your way to Grandma’s or your baby’s regular checkup, be sure to Be-safe for your family’s road adventure. The indicators on the Be-safe base is both visual and audible, prompting you that the base is correctly in place. It also provides leg room by using an adjustable front brace and ISO fix arms. The size of the Be-safe is 61cm x 31cm x 16cm and is compatible for babies up to 4 years. It is available for the Joolz Day³, Joolz Geo² and Joolz Hub pushchairs, ensuring that your family has an ideal and safe travel system.

We are happy to mention that the Be-safe iZi Modular i-Size base is approved by the latest regulation for child restraint systems.

You can find more information on the car list for the Be-safe base, video demo and the Be-safe base user manual.